Acrylic Sunglasses

Acrylic Sunglasses

As Daygo grows, we are expanding our garment selection from T-shirts and hoodies to a wide range of clothing and accessories. During Collection #7 we released two unique items, the ski mask and the 18k gold pendent chain. For our next collection #8 which consists of three items, we are releasing our orange acrylic sunglasses which we think pair well with our new grey with orange tag graphic T-shirt.

With each collection, we put all our profits back into the company to improve the website, the garments and accessories. Our inspiration for the creation of these orange acrylic sunglasses, came from our team rider Kieran Perman. We noticed that he is always wearing sunglasses during is "Graves" (garage raves) that he and JoJo Gray have been throwing lately. 

In the past, we have always used craft card stock for our packaging and for all of our clothing tags. With our new sun glasses, we decided to change up the packaging to a vibrant orange color. To match our current style for the website and the core colors of our new t-shirt and collection. 

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