Blank T-Shirts

Blank T-Shirts


When designing our basic blank T-Shirts, we knew that we wanted "simplicity to speak louder the complexity". A quote that I had heard in a small documentary by Derek Vincent Smiths creation of the album A Color Map Of the Sun.

The first appearance of the T-shirt, was in the late 1800s. The white T-shirt originated in the military, first issued to US naval personnel around the time of the Spanish-American war and was intended purely as underwear to be worn under military uniforms. The “T-Shirt” got its name from the ’T’ - shaped appearance formed when worn on the body. Soon after the T-shirt was adopted by the US Army and given to all recruits as part of their standard uniform. Veterans and off-duty soldiers began wearing the T-shirt as casual clothing, which took the garment outside of its military origins for the first time and brought it to the public.

In the 1951 film A Streetcar Named Desire, Marlon Brando wore a fitted white T-shirt throughout much of the film (it could also be seen on the movies promotional posters). This would help popularize the T-shirt as outerwear, with many men of the time hoping to emulate Brando’s signature look, and the T-shirt has remained a wardrobe essential ever since.

Our goal when creating our blanks was to let the unique stitching and logo tags be the messaging behind our shirt. Hand sewn in The Daygo Lab. When we sew our tags we wanted them standout, it became as simple as sewing three stitches extra on either side of both tags that are on our “blank” tees. This later became the standard for all our T-shirts.

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