Daygo X Zo Zick 2022

Zo Zick premiered 12/07/22 at the Mayan Theater in Denver, CO. The video featured Cody Smith, Adam Tyler, Alex DeBoer Jonah Jones, Calis Sims, Darian Ynostroza, Jude Tidwell, Gage Rubio, Kyle Green, Nathan Lujan, Zach Blanch, Dawson Hewatt, Dan Hunter, Jake Hankins, Alex Dorio and more. With spots in Colorado, Arizona and New York. You can see the video by getting the Zo Zick DVD here:

Zo Zick X Daygo

Daygo X Chris Haven 2021

Chris is a well known street artist from Denver, Co. Often recognized for his pyramid characters and murals he leaves all around Colorado."Hello my name is Chris Haven, I’m from Denver Colorado. I’ve been doing art my whole life from digital drawings to murals and canvas. I’m into skateboarding and also make hip hop music." - Chris HavenYou can see more of his work on Instagram @chrishaven 

Chris Haven X Daygo